Alice Quinlan - Testimonials

Alice's passionate nature and boundless energy provides her the ability to surpass each and every goal she sets.

These along with other valuable qualities guarantee you a successful experience.

Teresa M.

I've known Alice for over 20 years.

A highly responsible and trustworthy friend. Kindhearted and a fantastic mom to two sons and a daughter. Faithful and dedicated to others before herself. Be assured that Alice will put your needs first.

Rich L


Driven. Caring. Respectful. These are just a few words to describe Alice. She is determined to find a better way to get a job done in the most effective way possible. She is driven to deliver the best experience and product in a timely manner. She is caring in the fact that she will do what is right for you and your family; as if, you were her own. She is respectful, and in today’s society of “me-myself-and-I” is simply refreshing! She will go above and beyond to find what you need in a timely manner with no complaints. I would work with Alice again in the future, if the opportunity were to arise!

Kelsie W.

I have know Alice for about 2 years.

One of the things I have always admired about her is that she is honest and hard working. She always makes sure she gets the job done. Alice is someone you can count on and will work hard for you and try to meet your every need.

April V.

I have known Alice for over seven years and she is extremely honest, tenacious and hardworking.

I highly recommend her.

Kristi S.

I have known Alice Quinlan for over twenty five years in many capacities: co-worker, friend, fellow care-giver to an elderly parent, and business owner.

In every endeavor I have seen Alice take on, she has always shown two qualities that I admire most in a person, perseverance and heart. When challenged with a task, she puts her entire being into the project, and sees it through to the end. You can’t ask much more from a person than that. If I were looking for a person to help me buy my next home, I would without question turn to Alice Quinlan. She has the ability to step into the shoes of the buyer and feel what it is like to be looking for a home not just a house. She can look past numbers of bedrooms and baths and see how people live in a space and what would fit a family’s lifestyle. Alice is a person who is a stranger next to you in the grocery line one minute and inviting you to dinner five minutes later. She is really like that! I love that she finds something in common with everyone she meets. I highly recommend Alice Quinlan be your next realtor. You will find your next new home and you will find your next new friend.

Lynn M.

I want to thank you not only as a friend but also as my realtor.

...thank you for working tirelessly to secure the best possible price for me with the sale of my condo. You went above and beyond to provide me with the highest level of service and I’m so grateful and appreciative! You put your client’s best interests first and the outcome shows....a happy and highly satisfied client! Thank you for your professionalism, expertise, guidance and positive energy! This deal would not have happened without you. You are a credit to your profession.

Wendi W.

Alice, We are so thankful you were so generous to recommend a local agent to help us sell our land here.

Sharlyn is beyond awesome! She has been thorough, informative, very reachable, and super friendly! We went under contract 10 days after listing for a very respectable amount. Again, just wanted to thank you for the hook up! Both of you are the best realtors we’ve met :)! Keep up the great work!

Sabrina W.

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